Our belief is pretty simple. Games make the world a better place. Because when you’re playing games, you’re having fun and you’re laughing! And isn’t life better when you’re laughing? At StoryClub, the fun happens because our games are all about getting people connecting, unlocking their creativity, and frankly, laughing their asses off!

Storyclub’s mission is to create a world of fun and games.  We develop tabletop and online experiences where the unexpected is to be expected. Our vision is to connect the world in more meaningful and amusing ways.

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Game_StickerIn 2010, we released our first game, Girls’ Night, a stellar party game touted as Sex and the City meets Book Club. It is an experience where friends gather to escape real everyday life drama and create a fantastical story together. The game includes a deck of 40 tantalizing Story Starters that will get your collective minds going in all sorts of directions. Add to that are decks of suggestive People, Places and Things cards that inspire juicy twists and turns that take your story on a crazy creative adventure.

In addition to traditional girlfriend gatherings, this First Edition Collector’s game has also spiced up many a wine club, mom’s group, bachelorette party, dinner party, and shaken up all kinds of networking groups, writing groups, and women’s conferences. Click HERE to get your copy!


Be on the lookout for our exciting new games coming soon! We have been thinking and dreaming way outside the obligatory box to create tabletop and online games that connect millions of people with ab-spasm, tear dripping, OMG-stop-it-my-face-hurts kind of laughing. We are adding additional themed editions, as well as creating online apps and competitive MMOs. You can bet your bottom dollar that we are on a mission to create outrageous, unpredictable and hilarious adventures that will connect people in a deeper, more meaningful way.